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Good luck to Ringer and Paindrop from the Darlings of Destruction at their Team USA tryouts this weekend! Make all of us Michigan junior derby players proud! You can do this!
- Sinner

Anonymous sent: So I'm really "pigeon toed" which means my feet point inward. This makes turn arounds very difficult for me and i have to actually jump to turn around, and that makes me feel very unstable. Any tips or tricks to be able to do a turn around differently or how to make my feet able to go outward like normal feet?

Turning is really hard in general so I can definitely see how you’re having a problem. Try to just stand in place - with or without skates - with your heels together (like how you’d stand for sideways skating) and get your feet used to the stance. Once your used to the stance, try to do it while your moving on your skates and then turn backwards! Turning around is really just a three step movement and once you get it down, you should have no problem.

Anonymous sent: have you ever checked out derby city roller girl's junior team? they aren't that big but they're awesome.

I haven’t but I definitely will! Thanks for letting me know!


Hey, are there any blogs out there run by/about nonbinary derby players? I just came out as nonbinary, and I’d love to connect with others. :)


Ava-lanche & Brat-itude practice butt-to-gut blocking.
Autistic Derby Community


My favorite part about running this blog has been finding and talking to other people that are autistic and involved in derby. I thought that other people might like doing so as well, so I’m adding a side page labeled “community” for that purpose.

It’ll be a list of autistic derby people’s blogs….


JRDA national champions! I am so proud of my team and so thankful for my coaches. No better way to end my junior roller derby career than being #1.  (at Ocean Center)