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startheofficial sent: I need a date for Daytona Derbycon prom. A.k.a World Cup tryouts.

Anyone want to take this lovely lady to Derbycon prom?


The Pittsburgh Derby Brats (green) & Buckeye Beautyz (red) after the bout. Photo by Eric Romero.
Happy Junior Roller Derby Day!


Today is Junior Roller Derby Day which celebrates the anniversary of the first jr derby bout held back in 2006 by the Tucson Derby Brats (the first jr league our Head Coach Whiskey Mick had the pleasure of coaching). Eight years later, jr derby continues to explode in popularity worldwide :)




If you’re autistic and play derby you should submit! Tips, tricks, support tips, problems, stories, art, complaints, derby selfies, anything related to autism and derby.

I’m going to be without internet access next week so I’m hoping to get some submissions this weekend to put in the queue.

Seriously though, I’d love to hear from you all!

Official new logo of the Lansing Junior Vixens!

Firestarter practices a lil tornado against NeverGonna Ketchup. By the time these ladies turn 18, they’ll have 5-6 years experience!