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Pirates vs Ninjas mixed scrimmage
Photo creds to Dominique Babao

Just over a week ago the junior derby world lost Nashville Junior Roller Derby sister Ruby Blackman, known on her skates as Black Sabbatha. Ruby had just turned 16 when she passed from her struggle with depression. Though not all of us knew Ruby, it’s a hard hit for many of us. Depression and other mental health disorders affect a lot of girls in junior roller derby and derby becomes an escape from it. But sometimes the battle is too hard. No matter what you’re going through, there is always somebody there for you. You will always have someone to talk to and you will get better. Things will get better. Please keep Ruby in your thoughts and when your feeling down, please keep going. Stay positive. For yourself, your family, and for Ruby.

My heart goes out to the girls of Nashville Junior Roller Derby at this time. On October 2nd skater Ruby Blackman (Black Sabbatha) passed away.
The link below will take you to a page where you can donate to a funeral and memorial fund. Even if you’re unable to donate, please keep her family in thoughts. Depression affects thousands of teens all over the world and sometimes the fight is just too much. Ruby, you will be missed by so many people. Rest in peace.


Gotham Juniors’ Skeletornado - photo by Manish Gosalia
Anonymous sent: Hi, I was wondering if you knew how Junior Roller Derby started

Junior derby first started in Tuscon, Arizona in 2006 with the Tucson Derby Brats. There were only two leagues by 2007 (Tuscon Derby Brats and Seattle Derby Brats) and they held a demo bout at a WFTDA Nationals tournament and junior derby gained a lot of exposure there, and then more leagues were created. JRDA (known then as JFTDA) was created and now there are 150+ junior leagues in the world.