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If anyone’s interested in helping out with an article for either derbylife or Derby Central about autism (and other disabilities/ cousin conditions) and roller derby, inbox me and I’ll give you an email where you can send stuff or ask questions.

Basically I’m looking for people to talk a little…

Anonymous sent: Hi, I was wondering if you knew how Junior Roller Derby started

Junior derby first started in Tuscon, Arizona in 2006 with the Tucson Derby Brats. There were only two leagues by 2007 (Tuscon Derby Brats and Seattle Derby Brats) and they held a demo bout at a WFTDA Nationals tournament and junior derby gained a lot of exposure there, and then more leagues were created. JRDA (known then as JFTDA) was created and now there are 150+ junior leagues in the world.


Rocky Raccoon, Iron Butterfly, Avalanche, and Rosie the Pivoter with snot rocket science after she guest coached practice today.

What are your views on JRDA pushing coed?


Today I had to leave my amazing team of two years, Indianapolis Junior Roller Derby. I know to some people changing teams wouldn’t be a big deal but to me it’s the world, because derby and ijrd have been such a big part of my life. Distance and cost finally became a factor and in order to continue playing roller derby I’ll be joining the Hoosier Bruisers. I’m going to try and take this in stride and hopefully I’ll adjust quickly. I really love everyone on ijrd and I’m so grateful for how amazing they have all been, especially coach Shadi for being one of the best coaches a derby girl could hope for. ❤️💕 #ijrd #juniorrollerderby

Second family! 😁

Perth Junior Roller Derby 💕💕
Shoutout to my derby wife Soviet Crushya for skating in her first adult bout today! Love you 💕💕💕
Anonymous sent: Am I a shitty person for being upset that I'm switching teams and the new team I'm going to is ranked lower then my previous team?

I guess it depends on who you ask. Rankings never really meant much to me until this last season because before then, my team was just starting to grow and improve. I can definitely see how it can be a little bothersome, especially depending on how big of a gap it is, but what you need to focus on is that if you’re going through with the switch, it’s probably giving to make you happier and improve your skills due to exposure to new skaters and coaches and all your presence will do for the new team is help get those rankings up.
- Sinner


Smashberry wedges open the inside line and Rock’em Sock’em runs through Bipolar’s hit.

So proud of my team for getting ranked 24 out of 94 teams from around the world! It may not seem very significant compared to others but this is big for us. Two years ago we placed last place in the regional tournament in the B pool with only seven players. Now we’re playing with 30+ people, started a second team, and we placed 5th in the A pool at regionals. Everything takes time and baby steps and I’m confident that by the time I age out, we’ll beat anyone we come across.
- Sinner