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Lansing Junior Vixens All-Stars vs IJRD at Great Lakes regionals
Anonymous sent: I've been on a team for about six months now and I've noticed a lot of ankle issues and I think it might be because I used to inline skate so I'm used to a high boot. Do you know the best skate for derby with a higher boot?

I had a similar problem when I started derby. I used to inline skate when I was younger and despite the fact that I didn’t skate for four years between then and when I joined derby, I still noticed a lack of ankle support. A lot of people will tell you higher boots restrict movement, but if it’s what you’re comfortable with then that’s what you need!
I have been skating with Antik MG-2s for about a year and a half now and while they are a little pricey, they are a great investment for anyone needing a high boot in derby. If you feel these are too big of an investment, there’s also the Antik Spyder which is essentially the same type of fit, but it’s made from different materials and costs about $150 less than the MG-2.
If you do decide to get either of these skates (and I HIGHLY recommend them), you should be very careful when you’re breaking them in. These boots for very different from a lot of skates on the market and you should only wear them for a little bit and then alternate back to you old skates. You really only need to do this for about a month depending on how often you skate. If you start wearing them every time you skate right away, you have the potential of getting blisters so back you can’t walk. You have to build up a callus.
If you have any more questions regarding Antiks and my experience with them, just let me know!
- Sinner



Probably one of my personal favorites when it comes to logos


My team Cap City Wild Childs at the MSU Homecoming parade today!
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Gotham Juniors’ Skeletornado - photo by Manish Gosalia

_CH_1211 by Eric Korn on Flickr.